Getting in Position to Receive Everything God has for You

In this 3 part series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches us how to position ourselves so that we are always available for the blessings of God. Many Christians believe they will receive their harvest, but they don’t know the necessary steps in order for it to manifest in the natural realm. You must first know that God wants to bless you.  His Word says, “No good thing will He withhold from them who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11)”.  This easy to understand $3.00 download can change your life and enhance your faith walk.  It will show you how to received God’s best in your life regardless of the situation you are in right now.  Order this series to today and position yourself to receive.  To watch the free video, Getting In Position to Receive Everything God Has for You, Click Here.

How to Believe God for Your Finances

In this series, How to Believe God for Your Finances, you will learn how to use your faith to make it through financial struggles, increase your finances, and use your finances wisely.  You might not always need money to fix the situations that you face in life.  When believing God for finances, remember that a miracle of resources can be just as good as God sending you a financial blessing.  If a person needs a car, God could send the money or He could send the car.  How to Believe God for Your Finances helps you learn how the take the limits off of God so you can see God move in areas of your life where finances are needed to help you in your time of need.

Faith in God’s Protection

In this enlightening series, Faith in God’s Protection, Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you about God’s plan for your protection and how you can walk in it. You don’t have to live a life of fear. Fear is a tactic of the devil designed to get you to lose faith in God’s ability to protect you from evil. You will see clearly in God’s Word how to allow God to be your protector no matter what you face in life.  Join the many that have been delivered from fear through this awesome teaching.  Order Faith in God’s Protection today.