What God Wants To Do For You Financially

God wants to reward those who are living a life of humility with riches, honor and life. In this series, What God Wants To Do For You Financially, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches how about the many things that God want to do for you financially.  Since finances can be a difficult topic for many people to receive from a minister, this series takes you step by step through the scriptures so you can see God’s plan for yourself.  Also, you will learn what really lies at the root of poverty and why God does not want His children living in rags and ruins. God wants to give you the power to get wealth. Don’t continue living a life of financial uncertainty. This is a must have series. This message will truly empower you and give you the insight needed to change your financial landscape according to the will of God.  Download, What God Wants To Do For You Financially.