Detoxing From Unhealthy Relationships

An unhealthy relationship can be difficult to dismantle.  When you have been close to someone for a long time, it can be hard to let go even if they are pulling you in the wrong direction.  Sometimes we can be hindered by people who have no desire to achieve success in their own lives.  Other times, we find ourselves with people who want to hold us back to keep us with them.  An unhealthy relationship could be a bond with you and controlling person, manipulative person, mean person or an outright bad person.  Whatever the case Detoxing From Unhealthy Relationships will help you gain the strength and composure to let them go.  In this $3.oo download, Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches about the dangers of unhealthy relationships, how to identify unhealthy relationships, and a 10-step unhealthy relationship detox program. Order this powerful message today and begin to remove those people and things that hinder your success out of your life.  Also, to get a free copy of the Study Guide: Detoxing From Unhealthy Relationships, Click Here.