Moving Forward: Vision for 2014

It’s time to grow and move forward in every area of your life…your faith, your family, your finances, your church, your love walk, in your giving, in the word of God, etc.  The holy spirit will inspire us to move forward and to stand up and do something about our destiny. In this motivating series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches why we should move forward, how to move forward and how to recognize when we’re stuck in a comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to grow. Start moving forward and listen to the voice of God as you move. Download the audio to this life changing series today and watch the doors that will begin to open in your life.

Victorious Living

In this 4 part CD or DVD series, Victorious Living, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches how to live life as the victor not the victim. Being the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, being a lender and not a borrower is the plan of God for your life.  Victorious Living begins with a positive attitude about life regardless of the problems you may have been dealt.  Victorious Living belongs to us because, as children of God, we have been filled with the Holy Spirit and power.  With the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of you, you should never feel defeated. Because of the Holy Spirit, you have access to victory over every attack and problem the life throws your way.  Order this series and know that you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

Escaping Financial Failure

For every trial you face in life, there is an escape.  If you have faith, you can find your way out of your problems.  In the series, Escaping Financial Failure, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to use your faith to diminish the magnitude of your financial trial. You might have the financial dilemma, but it does not have to defeat you.  You can believe God to prevent a total collapse of your economy.  Order your copy of Escaping Financial Failure today and learn how you can avoid financial failure and get on course for financial freedom.

Hunger and Thirst

Being hungry for God is the key to spiritual advancement. The key to advancement in God’s kingdom is for Christians to become and remain hungry and thirsty for Him. Sometimes our personal success and achievements can hinder our drive and motivation for more of God. If you have lost your passion to pursue God for more insight, revelation, power and relationship, then you need this series. Order Hunger and Thirst by Dr. Bryant K. Bell and watch God begin to restore passion in your life for His Word and His power.

Preparing for Your Inheritance

Did you know that we inherited everything that Jesus owned? Jesus owns everything and He gave it to us to manage in this earth. You should be wealthy and successful in this life because that is part of your inheritance. The key is getting prepared.  In this In this enlightening series, Preparing for Your Inheritance, Dr. Bell teaches you how to get prepared for what God has for you instead of just wating until things change. Order this series, Preparing for Your Inheritance, and begin to learn why you, as a child of God, are entitled to an inheritance from the Most High.

Reaping Your Harvest

In this practical teaching, Reaping Your Harvest, Dr. Bryant K. Bell will teach you how your harvest is year round and not seasonal. You’ll also learn what Biblical tools are available for you to use to reap your harvest. Order your copy and start learning how to make a withdrawal on the seeds you have sown for years. It’s time for you to reap your harvest so you don’t miss out on anything that God has for you. Reaping your harvest is equally as important as sowing your seed. Everytime you sow, you have a harvest available for you.

Good Success

In this series, Good Success, Dr. Bryant K Bell teaches you how one of the most important thing in the Kingdom of God is for a Christian to become “successful”. A successful Christian, who obtained success God’s way, is a good role model for the body of Christ. Did you know that you have an important role to play in your success? Success is not the automatic simply because you are a Christian. You will also learn the steps you must take to become successful as a Christian. Order your copy today and shape your life for years to come with “Good Success”.