Victorious Living

In this 4 part CD or DVD series, Victorious Living, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches how to live life as the victor not the victim. Being the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, being a lender and not a borrower is the plan of God for your life.  Victorious Living begins with a positive attitude about life regardless of the problems you may have been dealt.  Victorious Living belongs to us because, as children of God, we have been filled with the Holy Spirit and power.  With the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of you, you should never feel defeated. Because of the Holy Spirit, you have access to victory over every attack and problem the life throws your way.  Order this series and know that you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

Total Life Overhaul

Total Life Overhaul is one of the most sought after teachings of Dr. Bryant K. Bell.  It has helped a countless number people gain a fresh perspective and do a complete makeover of their lives.  You might now know it but you can overhaul your life like you can overhaul an automobile. Whatever you don’t like about yourself, whether it is your emotions, thinking, lifestyle, living conditions, dress attire, friendships, etc., this series shows you the proper way to make the changes Biblically. Join the many who have said this is one of Dr. Bell’s best works by ordering your copy of Total Life Overhaul today.

Developing Your Mind to Prosper

In this series, Developing Your Mind to Prosper, Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you how to take control of your thought life so you can prosper. In order to have a better life, you must think better thoughts. Prosperity is God’s plan for your life. Unfortunately, many christians do not believe in prosperity. For years, the church has taught Christians that they were supposed to be poor. In order for God’s children to prosper, we must begin to renew our thinking regarding prosperity.  We must know that prosperity is God’s desire for all of His children and that it is available for us and within our reach. Order this awesome teaching, Developing Your Mind to Prosper, today and learn how you can prosper like God intended.