Preparing for Your Inheritance

Did you know that we inherited everything that Jesus owned? Jesus owns everything and He gave it to us to manage in this earth. You should be wealthy and successful in this life because that is part of your inheritance. The key is getting prepared.  In this In this enlightening series, Preparing for Your Inheritance, Dr. Bell teaches you how to get prepared for what God has for you instead of just wating until things change. Order this series, Preparing for Your Inheritance, and begin to learn why you, as a child of God, are entitled to an inheritance from the Most High.

Prosperity Meets Favor with Dr. Creflo A. Dollar

In Prosperity Meets Favor with Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar teaches on the Blessing and How to Receive it. Afterwards Dr. Creflo Dollar imparted the anointing that is on his life for ministry and success into Dr. Bryant & Dr. LySandra Bell. Partake in this same anointing by ordering this destiny impacting message. Your life and your ministry will never be the same again.  To see the Dr. Creflo Dollar release the blessing on Drs. Bryant & LySandra Bell, Click Here.  To see Dr. Creflo Dollar release the blessing on Enlightened Christian Center, Click Here.

Good Success

In this series, Good Success, Dr. Bryant K Bell teaches you how one of the most important thing in the Kingdom of God is for a Christian to become “successful”. A successful Christian, who obtained success God’s way, is a good role model for the body of Christ. Did you know that you have an important role to play in your success? Success is not the automatic simply because you are a Christian. You will also learn the steps you must take to become successful as a Christian. Order your copy today and shape your life for years to come with “Good Success”.

Favor School: Projecting the Image of Favor

This specific subject, Favor School: Projecting the Image of Favor, is a lesson by lesson breakdown on how to develop an image that wins you favor.  In this syllabus, you will learn such things as, How to win the confidence of people, How to influence people to your side, and so much more. You will grow in favor as you learn from Dr. Bryant K. Bell on this awesome subject of favor.  This lesson will allow participants to study Favor in its entirety. It contains 11 syllabi  with a personal notes section. After a complete study, a student should be able to teach this Favor School lesson as a Bible class.

Money Favor: Becoming Financially Empowered Through God’s Grace

The Book, Money Favor: Becoming Financially Empowered Through God’s Grace by Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you how to walk in favor regardless of your financial situation. It’s not necessarily how much money you have right now, it’s how you use what you have that will determine what you will have in the future. God promises us favor on our seed, sower, supply and seed sown. When we learn the principles and promises of Money Favor, we can take the limits off our lives in every area. You are not limited to the amount of money that you have, you are only limited to the degree you walk in favor. Order this exciting teaching and learn how to change your financial circumstances today.

Developing Your Mind to Prosper

In this series, Developing Your Mind to Prosper, Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you how to take control of your thought life so you can prosper. In order to have a better life, you must think better thoughts. Prosperity is God’s plan for your life. Unfortunately, many christians do not believe in prosperity. For years, the church has taught Christians that they were supposed to be poor. In order for God’s children to prosper, we must begin to renew our thinking regarding prosperity.  We must know that prosperity is God’s desire for all of His children and that it is available for us and within our reach. Order this awesome teaching, Developing Your Mind to Prosper, today and learn how you can prosper like God intended.

Faith in God’s Protection

In this enlightening series, Faith in God’s Protection, Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you about God’s plan for your protection and how you can walk in it. You don’t have to live a life of fear. Fear is a tactic of the devil designed to get you to lose faith in God’s ability to protect you from evil. You will see clearly in God’s Word how to allow God to be your protector no matter what you face in life.  Join the many that have been delivered from fear through this awesome teaching.  Order Faith in God’s Protection today.