Walking in the Blessing

Walking in the Blessing, by Dr. Bryant K. Bell explains the secret to success through the blessing. With the blessing on your life, everything you touch prospers. You find yourself winning when others are failing when you have the Blessing. In this series, Walking in the Blessing, you will learn how to identify the blessing, walk in it, and avoid the pitfalls that block the blessing from flowing in and on your life. The information in this series will make a major difference in your attitude as you begin to apply the principles found therein.

Living in God’s Word

The Word of God can totally change your life. The same Word that holds the world together is what God wants you to use to become successful in this life. Living in God’s Word, by Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you the importance of having God’s Word in you at all times. It teaches you how you can grow spiritually by reading, meditating and hearing God’s Word on a daily basis.  Immersing yourself in God’s Word is the key to maturity in Christ, victorious faith, defeating the devil and successful Christian living.  When you order Living in God’s Word, you will find out how easy it is to have a powerful life in Christ.

Living The New Life

In this series, Living The New Life, Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you how to live the new life that God has given you. You’ll learn how to escape from the negative things that have plagued your life in the past and move into the greatness the God has for your now. You’ll also learn how your old habits and ways are passed away so that nothing can stop you from fulfilling God’s plan for your life going forward.  This is a great series to help you understand how great your brand new life in Christ actually is.  Order Living The New Life today.

Navigating Through the Storms of Life

This encouraging series, Navigating Through the Storms of Life by Dr. Bryant K. Bell, puts you in the driver’s seat whenever storms come in your life.  You, not the devil, will be the captain of the situations you face in life.  You will learn how to identify the devil in your storm and then oust him from your circumstances. You’ll also learn how to take control over your circumstances so that you can have victory over trials every time. Many people have learned how to steer their life in the right direction when storms come by listening to this enabling series. Order Navigating Through the Storms of Life today and begin to take control of your life when the raging seas are coming against you.

Obedience in Your Finances

In Obedience in Your Finances, by Dr. Bryant K. Bell, you will learn the importance of giving God the right to direct you regarding your money. When God can speak to you regarding your finances, He can prosper you. The key to prosperity is obedience to God’s Word. Many failures in life is are the direct result of an obedience failure. God is looking for people He can trust to use.  Since money is the key to a man’s heart, God tests is in the area of finances to see what we are capable of doing for Him.  Get this informative series, Obedience in Your Finances, today and learn how to obey God with your financial affairs.

Preparing for Your Inheritance

Did you know that we inherited everything that Jesus owned? Jesus owns everything and He gave it to us to manage in this earth. You should be wealthy and successful in this life because that is part of your inheritance. The key is getting prepared.  In this In this enlightening series, Preparing for Your Inheritance, Dr. Bell teaches you how to get prepared for what God has for you instead of just wating until things change. Order this series, Preparing for Your Inheritance, and begin to learn why you, as a child of God, are entitled to an inheritance from the Most High.

Prosperity Meets Favor with Dr. Creflo A. Dollar

In Prosperity Meets Favor with Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar teaches on the Blessing and How to Receive it. Afterwards Dr. Creflo Dollar imparted the anointing that is on his life for ministry and success into Dr. Bryant & Dr. LySandra Bell. Partake in this same anointing by ordering this destiny impacting message. Your life and your ministry will never be the same again.  To see the Dr. Creflo Dollar release the blessing on Drs. Bryant & LySandra Bell, Click Here.  To see Dr. Creflo Dollar release the blessing on Enlightened Christian Center, Click Here.

Reaping Your Harvest

In this practical teaching, Reaping Your Harvest, Dr. Bryant K. Bell will teach you how your harvest is year round and not seasonal. You’ll also learn what Biblical tools are available for you to use to reap your harvest. Order your copy and start learning how to make a withdrawal on the seeds you have sown for years. It’s time for you to reap your harvest so you don’t miss out on anything that God has for you. Reaping your harvest is equally as important as sowing your seed. Everytime you sow, you have a harvest available for you.

Renewing Faith in the Vision

In this series, Renewing Faith in the Vision, Dr. Bryant K. Bell will teach you how to renew your faith in the plan of God your life. Vision is the guiding force that keeps Christians aiming towards prosperity. Where there is no vision the people perish. The devil is out to steal the vision of people to keep them from becoming successful. One of the ways he accomplishes this is to bring circumstances to get you distracted from the vision God has given you. In Renewing Faith in the Vision, you will become invigorated again about your vision. Be sure to order this stimulating series today.

Harmony in My Home

Your family can be balanced if you are willing put the Word of God in action.  In this series, Harmony in My Home, Dr. Bryant & Dr. LySandra Bell deal specifically with bringing your home into balance. They take a close look at the chaos of blended families; What children want their parents to know; and, What parents what their children to know about the relationship that could bring balance to their lives. It includes a question and answer CD with answers from both Drs. Bryant LySandra Bell.  Order Harmony in My Home and start getting harmony in your home!

Total Life Overhaul

Total Life Overhaul is one of the most sought after teachings of Dr. Bryant K. Bell.  It has helped a countless number people gain a fresh perspective and do a complete makeover of their lives.  You might now know it but you can overhaul your life like you can overhaul an automobile. Whatever you don’t like about yourself, whether it is your emotions, thinking, lifestyle, living conditions, dress attire, friendships, etc., this series shows you the proper way to make the changes Biblically. Join the many who have said this is one of Dr. Bell’s best works by ordering your copy of Total Life Overhaul today.

How Faith Works

In the practical teaching, How Faith Works, Dr. Bryant K. Bell takes a complicated message and makes is very simple. He teaches you to basic steps of how your faith works so that you can always know when you are in faith or when you have missed the mark. The steps of faith are so simple it would take a genius to mess it up. Dr. Bell shows you how to receive more faith and how to release your faith in this informative series.  Order your copy of this dynamic teaching, How Faith Works, and learn how to use your faith so that you can start have faith victories in every area of your life instead of faith failures.