Making God Your Source

In this 3 part series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to start Making God Your Source to meet all your needs. God has an unlimited supply for all of your needs in life.  God cares so much for you that He knows how to meet your needs even before you ask.  The key is Making God Your Source.  When you make God your source, you give Him absolute power to provide for you.  You will never have to worry about where your resources will come from to pay your bills, provide your needs, or grant your desires.  If your paycheck is not enough, or you don’t have an income, listen to this series and learn how to start Making God Your Source.

Help! My Life Is Not Working…What’s Wrong?

In this 6 CD/DVD series, Help! My Life Is Not Working…What’s Wrong?, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches why things in your life are not as God intended for them be. God never shows you what’s wrong without showing you how to fix it. Learn the nine things that could be causing your life to not work.  You do not have to lose in life.  You do not have to settle for less when you have all the tools within you to win.  You were designed to win and be a victor over every circumstance you face in life.  This series is really going to help you understand what’s wrong and how to fix it.  To watch the free video, Click Here


Connecting with Christ

In Connecting with Christ, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to become connected to the Purpose, Passion and Pursuit of Jesus Christ. You will learn the benefits of being connecting to the works that He is doing in the earth. A connection with God has already been established through salvation.  However, if you want to take it to another lever, all you have to do it join y0urself to His mission in the earth and your connection will be established at a greater capacity.  Anytime God’s children are involved in the mission of Christ, they are Connecting with Christ in great ways.

Oneness with God: Thinking, Acting and Believing Like God

Becoming one with God really isn’t hard.  He made us one with Him in spirit by providing salvation for us.  Our part is to simply start allowing the Holy Spirit to make the changes in us that bring us closer to Him.  When we get closer to God, He will draw closer to us.  This enlightening series, Oneness with God: Thinking, Acting and Believing Like God,will teach you how you can become more like God in your thoughts, ways and actions. You will learn how to develop Mutual Desires with God for your life; Mutual Resources with God and Mutual Wisdom.

Empowered for Spiritual Warfare

You have been given power over all the power of the devil.  In this dynamic series, Empowered For Spiritual Warfare, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches how to take authority over the forces of the enemy that constantly comes to attack you. The devil attacks in may ways. Regardles of the attack, you have been given everything you need to have victory. Your power is from Heaven and it is stronger than the forces of evil. Order this series and learn about the authority that you have and how to walk in the power that the Lord has given you.  Enjoy!  To watch a free video for this product, Click Here.

The Power of Faithfulness

In this series, The Power of Faithfulness, Dr. Bryant Bell and Dr. LySandra Bell teach about the success faithfulness can bring into your life. You will learn what faithfulness is, the benefits of faithfulness and the detriments of unfaithfulness. You will learn how unfaithfulness can rob you of your blessings.  Do you really want to grow in the blessing of the Lord? If you want to have an abundant supply of blessings, faithfulness is the key.  According to God’s Word, a faithful man shall abound in blessings.  Your faithfulness can be a major factor in whether you succeed or fail in life.  The Power of Faithfulness will help you learn how harness the power necessary for unlimited success.  Order this valuable series and gain valuable insight as to how you can become a faithful person that God can depend on, your family can depend on and your employer can depend on.  To watch one of the vides for this series, Click Here.

How to Accommodate the Growth of Your Church

To grow a church everyone has to be involved. Members must do their part, leaders must do their part and the clergy must do their part. When we all work together, successful churches will be on every street corner. Anyone can help make their church successful.  In this series, How to Accommodate the Growth of Your Church, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches your members, leaders and pastors how to prepare their church for growth so that when the people come the church will be ready to win them and keep them. You will also learn how to get rid of gossip and make the environment of your church conducive for people to join.  How to Accommodate the Growth of Your Church comes with a pdf workbook which will be emailed to you prior when you order.

Total Life Overhaul

Total Life Overhaul is one of the most sought after teachings of Dr. Bryant K. Bell.  It has helped a countless number people gain a fresh perspective and do a complete makeover of their lives.  You might now know it but you can overhaul your life like you can overhaul an automobile. Whatever you don’t like about yourself, whether it is your emotions, thinking, lifestyle, living conditions, dress attire, friendships, etc., this series shows you the proper way to make the changes Biblically. Join the many who have said this is one of Dr. Bell’s best works by ordering your copy of Total Life Overhaul today.

Hunger and Thirst

Being hungry for God is the key to spiritual advancement. The key to advancement in God’s kingdom is for Christians to become and remain hungry and thirsty for Him. Sometimes our personal success and achievements can hinder our drive and motivation for more of God. If you have lost your passion to pursue God for more insight, revelation, power and relationship, then you need this series. Order Hunger and Thirst by Dr. Bryant K. Bell and watch God begin to restore passion in your life for His Word and His power.

Living in God’s Word

The Word of God can totally change your life. The same Word that holds the world together is what God wants you to use to become successful in this life. Living in God’s Word, by Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you the importance of having God’s Word in you at all times. It teaches you how you can grow spiritually by reading, meditating and hearing God’s Word on a daily basis.  Immersing yourself in God’s Word is the key to maturity in Christ, victorious faith, defeating the devil and successful Christian living.  When you order Living in God’s Word, you will find out how easy it is to have a powerful life in Christ.

Living The New Life

In this series, Living The New Life, Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you how to live the new life that God has given you. You’ll learn how to escape from the negative things that have plagued your life in the past and move into the greatness the God has for your now. You’ll also learn how your old habits and ways are passed away so that nothing can stop you from fulfilling God’s plan for your life going forward.  This is a great series to help you understand how great your brand new life in Christ actually is.  Order Living The New Life today.

Developing Your Mind to Prosper

In this series, Developing Your Mind to Prosper, Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you how to take control of your thought life so you can prosper. In order to have a better life, you must think better thoughts. Prosperity is God’s plan for your life. Unfortunately, many christians do not believe in prosperity. For years, the church has taught Christians that they were supposed to be poor. In order for God’s children to prosper, we must begin to renew our thinking regarding prosperity.  We must know that prosperity is God’s desire for all of His children and that it is available for us and within our reach. Order this awesome teaching, Developing Your Mind to Prosper, today and learn how you can prosper like God intended.