Ten Characteristics of a Spiritual Son

Over the years, the modern church has begun to embrace spiritual father/son relationships. While many Spiritual Fathers have hundreds of sons, there remains very little practical teaching on this subject to guide the Spiritual Son in how to behave towards his Spiritual Father. There is also even less teaching on how to find and identify a Spiritual Father.  For this reason, God has anointed Dr. Bryant Bell to teach and lay a foundation on this powerful and life-changing subject. In this practical teaching, Ten Characteristics of a Spiritual Son, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you the ten most important attributes that every Spiritual Son should possess. Spiritual Fathers, this series will teach you what to look for in determining whether a minister meets the basic qualifications to call you their Father.  It will help you asses whether you should simply be a mentor to them instead. Pastors and ministers of the Gospel, this enlightening series will help you know how to properly honor your Spiritual Father and work within the proper relationship boundaries so that you get maximum benefits from the relationship. Don’t enter a Spiritual Father/Spiritual Son relationship without first listening to this teaching so that you can experience Fatherhood or Sonship the way God designed it to be.  Download Ten Characteristics of a Spiritual Son today.

Congregational Favor: Living Your Best Life Through Church Membership

In his groundbreaking new book, Congregational Favor: Living Your Best Life Through Church Membership, Dr. Bryant K. Bell introduces an innovative revelation to the Body of Christ that will change the way you think about your “Church Membership” forever. Congregational Favor, Living Your Best Life through Church Membership, reveals practical and profound benefits you receive only through church membership. Through reading this book, you will clearly know why your church is so important to the development of your entire life. Congregational Favor, Living Your Best Life through Church Membership, will give you the edge many others simply don’t have. Order your copy today and begin to live your best life!Congregational favor can only be obtained through church membership.   Click Here to watch one video for this book. For the eBook Click Here.

How to Pray for the President

In this download, How to Pray for the President, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to stand in prayer for the President of the United States.  You will also learn the will of God concerning prayer for the President or leader of any land. This lesson will specifically teach you what the Word of God says is our responsibility in ensuring that a president is properly covered by the prayers of the righteous. You never have to be worried that a particular party is going to cause problems for our nation.  God requires us to simply pray.  If we would simply pray, God will have permission to move the hear of our leaders and change the direction of our nation. This video is bipartisan and can be used to pray for a president regardless of political affiliations.  This teaching does not represent any political views.  It only discusses the prayer from a Biblical world view.  Enjoy!  To watch a free video from this entire lesson for $3.00, Click Here.

The Power of Faithfulness

In this series, The Power of Faithfulness, Dr. Bryant Bell and Dr. LySandra Bell teach about the success faithfulness can bring into your life. You will learn what faithfulness is, the benefits of faithfulness and the detriments of unfaithfulness. You will learn how unfaithfulness can rob you of your blessings.  Do you really want to grow in the blessing of the Lord? If you want to have an abundant supply of blessings, faithfulness is the key.  According to God’s Word, a faithful man shall abound in blessings.  Your faithfulness can be a major factor in whether you succeed or fail in life.  The Power of Faithfulness will help you learn how harness the power necessary for unlimited success.  Order this valuable series and gain valuable insight as to how you can become a faithful person that God can depend on, your family can depend on and your employer can depend on.  To watch one of the vides for this series, Click Here.

How to Accommodate the Growth of Your Church

To grow a church everyone has to be involved. Members must do their part, leaders must do their part and the clergy must do their part. When we all work together, successful churches will be on every street corner. Anyone can help make their church successful.  In this series, How to Accommodate the Growth of Your Church, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches your members, leaders and pastors how to prepare their church for growth so that when the people come the church will be ready to win them and keep them. You will also learn how to get rid of gossip and make the environment of your church conducive for people to join.  How to Accommodate the Growth of Your Church comes with a pdf workbook which will be emailed to you prior when you order.

Prayers and Confessions for Church Growth

God does not necessarily increase churches through advertising.  Churches are spiritual organizations and they grow supernaturally.  To grow your church, you need to learn a few techniques that will aid in your efforts.  Dr. Bryant Bell introduces Prayers and Confessions for Church Growth to help you in your process of believing God for increase.  This revelation on church growth has helped others pastors to grow their churches. This is a must have for any pastor who is concerned with how to get their churches to grow.