Making God Your Source

In this 3 part series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to start Making God Your Source to meet all your needs. God has an unlimited supply for all of your needs in life.  God cares so much for you that He knows how to meet your needs even before you ask.  The key is Making God Your Source.  When you make God your source, you give Him absolute power to provide for you.  You will never have to worry about where your resources will come from to pay your bills, provide your needs, or grant your desires.  If your paycheck is not enough, or you don’t have an income, listen to this series and learn how to start Making God Your Source.

Escaping Financial Failure

For every trial you face in life, there is an escape.  If you have faith, you can find your way out of your problems.  In the series, Escaping Financial Failure, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to use your faith to diminish the magnitude of your financial trial. You might have the financial dilemma, but it does not have to defeat you.  You can believe God to prevent a total collapse of your economy.  Order your copy of Escaping Financial Failure today and learn how you can avoid financial failure and get on course for financial freedom.

How to Believe God for Your Finances

In this series, How to Believe God for Your Finances, you will learn how to use your faith to make it through financial struggles, increase your finances, and use your finances wisely.  You might not always need money to fix the situations that you face in life.  When believing God for finances, remember that a miracle of resources can be just as good as God sending you a financial blessing.  If a person needs a car, God could send the money or He could send the car.  How to Believe God for Your Finances helps you learn how the take the limits off of God so you can see God move in areas of your life where finances are needed to help you in your time of need.

Reaping Your Harvest

In this practical teaching, Reaping Your Harvest, Dr. Bryant K. Bell will teach you how your harvest is year round and not seasonal. You’ll also learn what Biblical tools are available for you to use to reap your harvest. Order your copy and start learning how to make a withdrawal on the seeds you have sown for years. It’s time for you to reap your harvest so you don’t miss out on anything that God has for you. Reaping your harvest is equally as important as sowing your seed. Everytime you sow, you have a harvest available for you.

Navigating Through the Storms of Life

This encouraging series, Navigating Through the Storms of Life by Dr. Bryant K. Bell, puts you in the driver’s seat whenever storms come in your life.  You, not the devil, will be the captain of the situations you face in life.  You will learn how to identify the devil in your storm and then oust him from your circumstances. You’ll also learn how to take control over your circumstances so that you can have victory over trials every time. Many people have learned how to steer their life in the right direction when storms come by listening to this enabling series. Order Navigating Through the Storms of Life today and begin to take control of your life when the raging seas are coming against you.

Obedience in Your Finances

In Obedience in Your Finances, by Dr. Bryant K. Bell, you will learn the importance of giving God the right to direct you regarding your money. When God can speak to you regarding your finances, He can prosper you. The key to prosperity is obedience to God’s Word. Many failures in life is are the direct result of an obedience failure. God is looking for people He can trust to use.  Since money is the key to a man’s heart, God tests is in the area of finances to see what we are capable of doing for Him.  Get this informative series, Obedience in Your Finances, today and learn how to obey God with your financial affairs.