Building an Unbreakable Family

In this series, Building and Unbreakable Family, Dr. Bryant and Dr. LySandra Bell teach you how to make your family solid and strong. Through the information in this series, you will receive practical guidance for every family member and every kind of family. Whether you have a traditional family, and single parent family or a blended family, you will learn how to make your family unbreakable. It includes a question and answers CD with answers from Drs. Bryant & LySandra and their daughter Bryandra. Order this powerful series, Building an Unbreakable Family, today.

Teaming Up for Family Success

Are you experiencing family problems? Do you want to take your family to a greater place of unity?  Your family is your greatest team.  Sometimes our families fall apart because of the many challenges we face in life.  Someties it falls apart because of distractions or simply because people are growing, maturing and moving on in life.  In this free video, Drs. Bryant & LySandra Bell explain how you can be instrumental in bringing your family on one accord so you can win as a team.  Teaming Up For Family Success is a must watch for anyone who wants to make their family unit strong. To watch one of the free videos, Click Here. Enjoy!.

Harmony in My Home

Your family can be balanced if you are willing put the Word of God in action.  In this series, Harmony in My Home, Dr. Bryant & Dr. LySandra Bell deal specifically with bringing your home into balance. They take a close look at the chaos of blended families; What children want their parents to know; and, What parents what their children to know about the relationship that could bring balance to their lives. It includes a question and answer CD with answers from both Drs. Bryant LySandra Bell.  Order Harmony in My Home and start getting harmony in your home!