Winning the War Against satan and his Strategies

We know that satan’’s job is to steal, kill and destroy. He is the master deceiver. It is his job to make you think that God is attacking you for your benefit. Be not deceived! Satan is responsible for all the attacks in your life.  In this powerful 10 part CD/DVD series,Winning the War Against satan and his Strategies, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you the 8 strategies that satan uses to attack you and to destroy your life. Don’’t just sit back and let Satan defeat you and rob you of the abundant life that God has promised. We must war against the enemy by fighting the good fight of faith. Learn the strategies of Satan and fight back with boldness!  To watch the free video for this product, Click Here.

How to Receive Your Healing

If you have sickness in your body, you have something that does not belong to you. All sickness comes from the devil.  Just becuase we experience sickness in this life, does not mean that it is God’s will.  In fact, the Bible records Jesus as a healer of all types of sickeness and disease.   In this 3 part series, How To Believe God For Your Healing, Pastor Bell will enlighten you on How To Receive Your Healing, Hindrances To Healing and How to Keep Your Healing. You must know that it is Gods will for you to be healed. Learn where sickness comes from and how to receive the miracle of healing for the Glory of God.  To watch a free video for this product, Click Here.

Resisting Enemy Attacks

In this 4 part download series, Resisting Enemy Attacks, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches how to build successful defensive mechanisms against the attacks of the enemy. We all come under attack from the enemy.  Whether persecution, sickness, afflictions, temptations or the basic trials of life, the devil will always attempt to bombard us with problems to keep us distracted from our relationship with God.  Learning the Word of God and standing on His Word is just one way to stand against the enemy’s attempts to prevent you from fulfilling the will of God for your life.  Learn other strategies in this informative and powerful series, Resisting Enemy Attacks.  Don’t be defeated when the enemy attacks you.  Instead, reign victorious in Christ.

The God of Restoration

In this latest prophetic series, “The God of Restoration”, Dr. Bryant Bell reminds us that God has a way of turning it all around to restore and reconstruct your life back to the way God intended it to be.  God intended for His children to live a life of no lack and a life of abundance with nothing missing, nothing broken, nothing feeble and nothing weak.  Position yourself for restoration today.  Don’t let the hardships of life continue to consume your assets.  You have a God who can work miracles to restors the things the devil has stolen from you.  To watch a free video for this series, Click Here.

Standing Strong in Adversity

Adversity comes in your life for different reasons. The word says to stand firm against the devil and he will flee from you.  In this three part series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches how you can have enough power to stand strong and mighty during adverse times. God wants you to be victorious. Even though you may have small strength right now, you have an advocate in God, your Father who can help you develop and build up to the place where you can overcome every trial and every obstacle of the enemy. To watch the free video, Standing Strong in Adversity, Click Here.

How to Delete Financial Storms

Financial storms are not your lot it life.  You have more authority over your financial problems than you may know. In the series, How to Delete Financial Storms, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how you can press the delete button on your financial storms. You will learn how to delete the ten major causes of financial storms such as wrong use of credit, debt, and foolish spending. You will also learn how to delete financial viruses from your life and keep them from coming back to hinder your success.  Download, How to Delete Financial Storms and begin to press the “Delete” button on your financial problems.