Becoming Soul Whole: Hard copy CDs or DVDs

Your soul is shaped by your many life experiences and God desires to give you a different experience that will change your life and heal you from the inside out. In this dynamic series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches about soul holes and how they prevent you from moving forward in life. You may act or think that everything is ok but what about those issues that you never deal with? You instead build bridges over them, make paths around them, fill it with the wrong things, or you turn and walk away from them. You will also learn how soul holes are created and how to recognize when you have them. Order this life changing series today and go from having soul holes to being soul whole.

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Developing Bold Expectations: Hard copy CDs or DVDs

As a believer we must develop a spirit of boldness and overcome the spirit of timidity. We have a God given right to be bold and confident. When we go to God, we don’t hope, wish, and pray for things to be done, we know that God has heard us and we expect for him to do certain things. We have total access to God so we should never be in fear because He is for us. In this 6 part series, Developing Bold Expectations, Dr. Bryant Bells teaches you how to develop boldness to believe God for what you want to see happen in your life.  You will also learn why you can have bold expectations, and how to develop your boldness.  Order this series today and raise your level of confidence and boldness. Go to God with BOLD EXPECTATIONS!

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Becoming Strong in Faith

The Bible says that the just shall live by faith and in this powerful series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to strengthen your faith and how to make sure faith is truly in operation in your life.   You will also learn the difference between doubt and unbelief, how it manifests itself, and  how it hinders the operation of your faith.  Download this enlightening series today and begin to eradicate the doubt in your life and handle any situation the way God intended…victoriously and with ease.

Prospering in a World that is Against You

The world’s system is opposed to God’s system and is not designed for you to prosper. But God doesn’t need this world’s system to prosper us and to meet our needs. In this thought provoking series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches about God’s system of prosperity, how to apply the principals of God’s system so that we prosper the way He wants us to prosper. You will also learn how to examine your life to know when you’re addicted to the world’s way of doing things and how to break that addition. Download this awesome series today and begin to exist and move in the blessings of God.

Winning the Wi-Fi Generation

In this series, “Winning the Wi-Fi Generation”, Dr. Bryant K. Bell validates the importance and urgency of your ministry utilizing technology. According to recent statistics, every second 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography.  In addition, statistics reveal that every second 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines.  Modern technology is being used to promote world wide satanic and demonic activity while the church expects to reach the world using outdated methods and ideas.  It’s time for the church to take the lead in the implementation of technology and maximize its use to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This series will teach you how to take your ministry global through the use of web casting.  You will learn the 10 most important technologies that the church must employ to remain relevant and practical insights that you can employ to help increase your mid-week attendance.  You will also learn all the essentials to host videos on your own website and much, much more.  Order or download your copy of  “Winning the Wi-Fi Generation” today and begin expanding your internet presence! Click here to download your complete Study Session Guide, Complete WI-FI Teaching.

Kingdom Keys for Success

Kingdom Keys for Success will uncover the tips that you need to become succeful God’s way.  Dr. LySandra Bell takes special time to unveil the keys you will need to unlock your destiny and achieve greater momentum that ever before.  This series will teach you how to get the results you have always wanted in your faith walk. Honor God by putting Him first this year no matter what you face and no matter how things look. Remember, you are an over-comer and you are empowered for success and victory!  To watch a free video for this series, Click Here.

The God of Restoration

In this latest prophetic series, “The God of Restoration”, Dr. Bryant Bell reminds us that God has a way of turning it all around to restore and reconstruct your life back to the way God intended it to be.  God intended for His children to live a life of no lack and a life of abundance with nothing missing, nothing broken, nothing feeble and nothing weak.  Position yourself for restoration today.  Don’t let the hardships of life continue to consume your assets.  You have a God who can work miracles to restors the things the devil has stolen from you.  To watch a free video for this series, Click Here.

How to Walk in Faith for the Victory

Look around….  Is your environment affecting your walk with God? Negative influences, comments, thoughts, people, etc. They are all hard at work to destroy your destiny and the plans God have for you. Good news!!! You don’t have to accept it!! In the series “How to Walk in Faith for the Victory”, Dr. Bryant Bell hands you the keys you need to grab your victory. He explains the components of faith so that you can lay hold of your prosperity. It will give you the confidence to change your friends, change your circumstances, and change your world all by faith. Take authority and receive your breakthrough as you master Walking in Faith for the Victory.  Click Here to watch one of the Free Videos for this series.

Summer Success Series: Reinventing Yourself in a Few Short Months

The Summer Success Series: Reinventing Yourself in a Few Short Months is a dynamic teaching which contains a six lesson downloadable workbook and a audio series. This series covers such topics such as How to Initiate Unlimited Success, Developing Passion for the Possible, Implementing Your Vision, How to Define and Design Success and many more lessons. The secrets in this series, are phenominal.  You might find these lessons being taught in many Fortune 500 seminars, but these secrets are given to you for free in this inexpensive download. During teaching this series, Enlightened Christian Center experienced record attendance in the summer months for people wanting to learn how to become successful from Dr. Bryant Bell.  You will receive 6 Audio Lessons and 6 PDF Study Guide Lessons.  To watch one of the videos for this series, Click Here.