Prospering in a World that is Against You

The world’s system is opposed to God’s system and is not designed for you to prosper. But God doesn’t need this world’s system to prosper us and to meet our needs. In this thought provoking series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches about God’s system of prosperity, how to apply the principals of God’s system so that we prosper the way He wants us to prosper. You will also learn how to examine your life to know when you’re addicted to the world’s way of doing things and how to break that addition. Download this awesome series today and begin to exist and move in the blessings of God.

The Money Favor Event-Favor for Life with Dr. Herbert Bailey

In this empowering series, The Money Favor Event-Favor for Life with Dr. Herbert Bailey, you will learn how walk in the flow of prosperity and favor for life. God is not interested in us having money today and being broke tomorrow. His will is for us to constantly increase in our life. This conference was held to help people understand the principles of Money Favor so they can begin to experience God’s goodness on a higher level.   Dr. Herbert Bailey’s preaching and teaching ministry brings forth a message of faith, prosperity, victorious living, and practical biblical application.  He has a vision to impact the world with a ministry emphasizing spiritual self-esteem, education, and economic prosperity for all people.  You’re going to enjoy this teaching.  Download The Money Favor Event-Favor for Life with Dr. Herbert Bailey today and begin your journey for a lifetime of favor.

What God Wants To Do For You Financially

God wants to reward those who are living a life of humility with riches, honor and life. In this series, What God Wants To Do For You Financially, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches how about the many things that God want to do for you financially.  Since finances can be a difficult topic for many people to receive from a minister, this series takes you step by step through the scriptures so you can see God’s plan for yourself.  Also, you will learn what really lies at the root of poverty and why God does not want His children living in rags and ruins. God wants to give you the power to get wealth. Don’t continue living a life of financial uncertainty. This is a must have series. This message will truly empower you and give you the insight needed to change your financial landscape according to the will of God.  Download, What God Wants To Do For You Financially.

Increasing Your Financial Potential

In this four part series, Increasing Your Financial Potential, Dr. Bryant Bell reminds us that the same gospel that heals you and helps you change your character can also help you improve your finances. With God, you will never have to limit your potential to the typecasts of society or to the negatives that come with a failing economy.  God has potential reserved for you to help you gain an advantage financially so you can have success even when your weren’t supposed to.  God gives us this wealth for one reason….to establish His covenant.  When we make a decision to be wealthy for that purpose, we are on our way to increasing our financial potential.  To watch a Free Video for this product, Click Here.

Financial Lessons for Progressive Christians

When you have maxed out your financial capacity, there is still more you can learn.  This series is for the progressive Believer who wants to learn even more about God’s plan for them financially.  In this series, Financial Lessons for Progressive Christians, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you that the anointing comes on people who get actively involved in their destiny. The kingdom is waiting on the forceful, progressive person. A progressive Christian is not someone who sits still and waits for something to happen. The progressive Christian makes something happen. There is no such thing as a “sitters” blessing. We must be doers of the word. We can dictate the rate of change in our finances. Take the kingdom by force and increase in Jesus name. Enjoy!  To watch one of the free videos for this product, Click Here.

Breaking Financial Barriers

Can you easily recognize the barriers in your finances? Would you like to know what it takes to receive constant increase? In this $3.00 download, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to start Breaking Financial Barriers that are limiting your finances. Most Christians are operating in an earthly system with limits, while trying to get God to endorse what we are doing here on the earth. God’’s kingdom has no limits and has its own system of operation. The earthly system has been altered but God’’s system does not change. If we are going to operate financially and get increase, then we must learn to operate in a system that is always increasing. Download this life changing series, Breaking Financial Barriers, today and make up your mind that your finances will be based on God’’s system and watch your finances begin to work on an unlimited supply.

How to Delete Financial Storms

Financial storms are not your lot it life.  You have more authority over your financial problems than you may know. In the series, How to Delete Financial Storms, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how you can press the delete button on your financial storms. You will learn how to delete the ten major causes of financial storms such as wrong use of credit, debt, and foolish spending. You will also learn how to delete financial viruses from your life and keep them from coming back to hinder your success.  Download, How to Delete Financial Storms and begin to press the “Delete” button on your financial problems.