Becoming Soul Whole: Hard copy CDs or DVDs

Your soul is shaped by your many life experiences and God desires to give you a different experience that will change your life and heal you from the inside out. In this dynamic series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches about soul holes and how they prevent you from moving forward in life. You may act or think that everything is ok but what about those issues that you never deal with? You instead build bridges over them, make paths around them, fill it with the wrong things, or you turn and walk away from them. You will also learn how soul holes are created and how to recognize when you have them. Order this life changing series today and go from having soul holes to being soul whole.

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Detoxing Your Family from Strife and Strongholds

In this series, Detoxing Your Family from Strife and Strongholds, Dr. Bryant & Dr. LySandra Bell teach you how to detox your marriage, children and family unit from strife and other strongholds families face. You will learn how to get your family free of the ill effects of strife so your family can grow as a beacon of light for other families to follow. Detoxing Your Family from Strife and Strongholds is a great Bible study tool you can use to enhance your family’s relationship with one another and build love within your home.  It includes a question and answers CD with answers from Drs. Bryant & LySandra Bell.