Becoming Soul Whole: Hard copy CDs or DVDs

Your soul is shaped by your many life experiences and God desires to give you a different experience that will change your life and heal you from the inside out. In this dynamic series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches about soul holes and how they prevent you from moving forward in life. You may act or think that everything is ok but what about those issues that you never deal with? You instead build bridges over them, make paths around them, fill it with the wrong things, or you turn and walk away from them. You will also learn how soul holes are created and how to recognize when you have them. Order this life changing series today and go from having soul holes to being soul whole.

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Developing Bold Expectations: Hard copy CDs or DVDs

As a believer we must develop a spirit of boldness and overcome the spirit of timidity. We have a God given right to be bold and confident. When we go to God, we don’t hope, wish, and pray for things to be done, we know that God has heard us and we expect for him to do certain things. We have total access to God so we should never be in fear because He is for us. In this 6 part series, Developing Bold Expectations, Dr. Bryant Bells teaches you how to develop boldness to believe God for what you want to see happen in your life.  You will also learn why you can have bold expectations, and how to develop your boldness.  Order this series today and raise your level of confidence and boldness. Go to God with BOLD EXPECTATIONS!

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Becoming Strong in Faith

The Bible says that the just shall live by faith and in this powerful series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to strengthen your faith and how to make sure faith is truly in operation in your life.   You will also learn the difference between doubt and unbelief, how it manifests itself, and  how it hinders the operation of your faith.  Download this enlightening series today and begin to eradicate the doubt in your life and handle any situation the way God intended…victoriously and with ease.

Moving Forward: Vision for 2014

It’s time to grow and move forward in every area of your life…your faith, your family, your finances, your church, your love walk, in your giving, in the word of God, etc.  The holy spirit will inspire us to move forward and to stand up and do something about our destiny. In this motivating series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches why we should move forward, how to move forward and how to recognize when we’re stuck in a comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to grow. Start moving forward and listen to the voice of God as you move. Download the audio to this life changing series today and watch the doors that will begin to open in your life.

The Journey

The Journey is a great series for people who want to learn how to stay in faith during the waiting period.  Through this empowering conference series, you will learn what to do until you receive the manifestation of what you are believing God. You will be empowered to step out of your comfort zone and take your life to a new level filled with purpose and promise. Make this powerful and anointed 3 day conference, The Journey, part of your journey.  Download your copy of “The Journey for women today. To watch one of the free fideos in this series, Click Here.


Increasing Your Financial Potential

In this four part series, Increasing Your Financial Potential, Dr. Bryant Bell reminds us that the same gospel that heals you and helps you change your character can also help you improve your finances. With God, you will never have to limit your potential to the typecasts of society or to the negatives that come with a failing economy.  God has potential reserved for you to help you gain an advantage financially so you can have success even when your weren’t supposed to.  God gives us this wealth for one reason….to establish His covenant.  When we make a decision to be wealthy for that purpose, we are on our way to increasing our financial potential.  To watch a Free Video for this product, Click Here.

Financial Lessons for Progressive Christians

When you have maxed out your financial capacity, there is still more you can learn.  This series is for the progressive Believer who wants to learn even more about God’s plan for them financially.  In this series, Financial Lessons for Progressive Christians, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you that the anointing comes on people who get actively involved in their destiny. The kingdom is waiting on the forceful, progressive person. A progressive Christian is not someone who sits still and waits for something to happen. The progressive Christian makes something happen. There is no such thing as a “sitters” blessing. We must be doers of the word. We can dictate the rate of change in our finances. Take the kingdom by force and increase in Jesus name. Enjoy!  To watch one of the free videos for this product, Click Here.

Daily Faith Confessions

There is power in your words. Begin to speak the Word of God daily without doubting and watch your circumstances change for the better. Drs. Bryant and LySandra Bell have put together awesome Daily Faith Confessions that are full of power and anointing when spoken. This audio download includes faith confessions for: Breaking Addictions, Money Favor, Healing and much more.  Set to inspirational music, you will be highly motivated every time you speak these positive words.  Use it during your workouts, warm-ups and practices or, when you just want to release positive words into the atmosphere around you.  These faith confessions are based solely on God’s Word so they are guaranteed by the promises of God to bring results in your life.  Download the Daily Faith Confessions audio to your listening device or computer and speak it everyday.  Give voice to your faith and get ready for a mighty move of God!!!

Getting in Position to Receive Everything God has for You

In this 3 part series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches us how to position ourselves so that we are always available for the blessings of God. Many Christians believe they will receive their harvest, but they don’t know the necessary steps in order for it to manifest in the natural realm. You must first know that God wants to bless you.  His Word says, “No good thing will He withhold from them who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11)”.  This easy to understand $3.00 download can change your life and enhance your faith walk.  It will show you how to received God’s best in your life regardless of the situation you are in right now.  Order this series to today and position yourself to receive.  To watch the free video, Getting In Position to Receive Everything God Has for You, Click Here.

Faith and Authority

In this 6 part series, Faith and Authority, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to exercise your God given authority. God is looking for Christians who will operate in the authority He has given them. As a believer, we have the authority to go and command our way in this earth and heaven will back us up. This exhaustive lesson on Faith and Authority will help develop you into a person who knows how to  walk by faith, release faith and receive by faith.  You will also learn about the authority you have to command things on Earth, take authority over the devil and take charge of your own life.  Get this $3.00 download and accept your role as the person in charge and learn how to walk in the authority God has given you.

How to Receive

Receiving from God is not hard.  It’s is a matter of choice and deliberate, intentional effort.  Once you learn how to receive, you will be enabled to get result from your faith every time.  In this audio download, How to Receive, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches how to stop thinking small and how to get your “baskets” ready to receive. Many Christians believe they will receive their harvest but they don’t know the necessary steps to can take to make it happen.  In order for it to manifest in the natural realm, you must get hungry for the things of God. Hunger is a basket where God can make a deposit in your life.  Through this teaching you will learn many of the ways to receive all the blessing of God into your life.  Order this series, How to Receive, and believe that you shall receive.



Standing Strong in Adversity

Adversity comes in your life for different reasons. The word says to stand firm against the devil and he will flee from you.  In this three part series, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches how you can have enough power to stand strong and mighty during adverse times. God wants you to be victorious. Even though you may have small strength right now, you have an advocate in God, your Father who can help you develop and build up to the place where you can overcome every trial and every obstacle of the enemy. To watch the free video, Standing Strong in Adversity, Click Here.