Winning the Wi-Fi Generation

In this series, “Winning the Wi-Fi Generation”, Dr. Bryant K. Bell validates the importance and urgency of your ministry utilizing technology. According to recent statistics, every second 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography.  In addition, statistics reveal that every second 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines.  Modern technology is being used to promote world wide satanic and demonic activity while the church expects to reach the world using outdated methods and ideas.  It’s time for the church to take the lead in the implementation of technology and maximize its use to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This series will teach you how to take your ministry global through the use of web casting.  You will learn the 10 most important technologies that the church must employ to remain relevant and practical insights that you can employ to help increase your mid-week attendance.  You will also learn all the essentials to host videos on your own website and much, much more.  Order or download your copy of  “Winning the Wi-Fi Generation” today and begin expanding your internet presence! Click here to download your complete Study Session Guide, Complete WI-FI Teaching.

Ten Characteristics of a Spiritual Son

Over the years, the modern church has begun to embrace spiritual father/son relationships. While many Spiritual Fathers have hundreds of sons, there remains very little practical teaching on this subject to guide the Spiritual Son in how to behave towards his Spiritual Father. There is also even less teaching on how to find and identify a Spiritual Father.  For this reason, God has anointed Dr. Bryant Bell to teach and lay a foundation on this powerful and life-changing subject. In this practical teaching, Ten Characteristics of a Spiritual Son, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you the ten most important attributes that every Spiritual Son should possess. Spiritual Fathers, this series will teach you what to look for in determining whether a minister meets the basic qualifications to call you their Father.  It will help you asses whether you should simply be a mentor to them instead. Pastors and ministers of the Gospel, this enlightening series will help you know how to properly honor your Spiritual Father and work within the proper relationship boundaries so that you get maximum benefits from the relationship. Don’t enter a Spiritual Father/Spiritual Son relationship without first listening to this teaching so that you can experience Fatherhood or Sonship the way God designed it to be.  Download Ten Characteristics of a Spiritual Son today.

Congregational Favor: The Participation Factor

In his groundbreaking revelation, Congregational Favor: The Participation Factor, Dr. Bryant K. Bell introduces an innovative revelation to the Body of Christ that will change the way you think about your “Church Participation” forever. Congregational Favor: The Participation Factor, reveals practical and profound benefits you receive only through church membership. Through this teaching, you will clearly know why your church participation is so important to the development of your entire life. Congregational Favor: The Participation Factor, will give you the edge many others simply don’t have. Order your copy today and begin to live your best life!  Click Here to order the book in paperback. For the eBook Click Here.



Congregational Favor: The Attendance Factor

In his series, Congregational Favor: The Attendance Factor, Dr. Bryant Bell tells us there is special favor that comes our way from attending church, getting involved in church, being faithful to a church, and defending our church. He also teaches you about the fifteen benefits you receive when you consistently attend church. God wants you to attend church so much that He connected His divine favor to your attendance. Order this series and learn about the benefits that await you and why the devil attempts to keep you out of church.

Congregational Favor: The Importance of Joining a Church

In this landmark series, Congregational Favor: The Importance of Joining a Church, Dr. Bryant Bell will teach you how joining a church is directly connected to you becoming successful in many ares of your life. Dr. Bell takes you step by step through God’s Word to show you why God wants you to join a church; why the devil does not want you to join a church and the many different benefits that church membership brings into your life. This is a must have for any person who is not a member of a church and for any Pastor who wants to increase his church membership. Order Congregational Favor: The Importance of Joining a Church today.